Glos Enterprise

Glos Enterprise Limited (GEL) are a training company trying to evolve in to a more corporate market. They felt their existing brand was outdated and no longer gave them a professional image.
I worked with them to simplify their colour palette giving them a cleaner brand they could still have fun with.

It was essential the new brand identity worked across a range of media and the logo was the correct shape to be placed on, stationary, pens, certificates, stamps to name a few.

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GEL send out an A4 6pp roll folding booklet every 6 months with all the course dates they are offering. Their existing design was difficult to follow, so this new redesign focused on splitting out the courses with colours and icons that then linked to the website which is ultimately where the majority of their sales come from. Combining this with custom envelopes they are sending out bespoke and unique direct mail to new and existing customers.